Application of machine vision technology in various industries

Machine vision system is through machine vision products (that is, image intake device, divided into CMOS and CCD two) will be ingestion target into image signals, transmitted to the special image processing system, get the shape information of the target, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, into digital signals; The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the action of the equipment on site according to the discriminant results.

The manufacture of the machine vision system has been used in various industries, involving hardware, mobile phone, 3 c electronics, auto parts, medical equipment, semiconductor chip, the new energy industry, as well as intelligent automation, logistics and other fields, greatly improve the product quality, reduce production cost, to enhance human essence demand for industrial products.


Hardware in the production process, inevitably will produce some appearance defects, such as lack of material, cracks, burrs, scratches, bruisesetc., these or large or small defects sometimes not only affect the appearance of beautiful, but also may affect the normal performance of the whole equipment and safe operation.

Factory by adopting hardware detection based on machine vision inspection technology screening machine, a full range of workpiece all sorts of appearance defects detection, eliminate bad product, to avoid the artificial detection misjudgment and residual, on all the test results of the system also statistics, record the hardware number and unqualified hardware quantity, facilitate the real-time monitoring of the quality of product, Conducive to later management and traceability, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Mobile phone

With the fierce competition in the mobile phone industry, the emergence of higher quality products and more efficient and lower cost manufacturing technology has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to keep pace with The Times. Therefore, the introduction of machine vision technology is bound to become the majority of equipment and manufacturing enterprises to reduce the cost of the key measures. At present, the well-known mobile phone manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for quality. The detection error of mobile phone components (such as camera, touch screen, flash, card holder, front and rear frame, etc.) should be within 0.05mm. Machine vision technology is non-contact high-precision sensing technology, through the perfect combination of mechanical and electrical equipment, can achieve efficient production and efficient quality control ability.

Auto parts

Machine vision as one of the current emerging technologies has been widely used in all aspects of automobile production and manufacturing, with the continuous development and improvement of machine vision technology, industrial robots will play a great role in promoting the development of automobile manufacturing industry. At present, machine vision has the following applications in the automotive industry, such as the appearance detection of automobile assembly and parts detection, defect detection, functional detection and OCR character recognition, etc., can be said to have walked in the forefront of automation technology, can greatly improve work efficiency, ensure the quality of work.

Medical apparatus and instruments

In recent years, the endless emergence of medical safety problems to stimulate our nerves, the medical field of quality testing is worth our attention. Traditional artificial view in drug testing of pharmaceutical enterprises in our country are still very extensively used, but some objective to avoid the disadvantages of emerging, such as labor intensity, fatigue, low efficiency and precision is not high, mistakenly identified and leak phenomenon often occurred, so higher precision and higher efficiency of machine vision technology will no doubt become the inevitable choice of the future development of pharmaceutical enterprises.

The advantages of machine vision technology make it widely applicable in the pharmaceutical industry, and the country attaches great importance to drug safety, ushering in a wide market space for it. The filling level detection of liquid preparations, the quality detection of the impurities in the bottle body and the sealing cap, the detection of the missing particles of bubble cover drugs, the OCR recognition of the outer packaging characters of pharmaceutical products, and so on, undoubtedly put forward more stringent requirements on the detection accuracy, detection speed and detection quality.

Chip semiconductor

Semiconductor technology is the foundation of modern information industry and the earliest birthplace of machine vision technology. In the 1990s, European and American semiconductor companies applied image technology in the semiconductor industry, which gradually developed into today's machine vision technology and became an indispensable key technology of semiconductor technology. At the same time, the semiconductor industry has a large scale, and the mole effect of the industry constantly challenges the industry process, but also the requirements of machine vision technology in its production equipment constantly improve.

New energy solar energy

Solar energy as one of the most valuable future green energy, is the development of the national key industries, short-term relative excess capacity for solar battery production equipment put forward higher request, from the silicon ingot, silicon purity, to processing and coating process quality control, can influence the final photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cell, High quality production line can reduce the rejection rate, thus reducing the production energy consumption and solar cell output ratio, so that solar energy becomes a real clean energy, in the production process of solar cell, through the use of machine vision positioning, measurement, detection and other technologies, can greatly improve the rate of finished products, reduce the production cost.

Robotics and Factory automation

Multi-joint manipulator in the field of industrial robots is an industry or more degrees of freedom robot, replace artificial execute drab in industrial production, frequent, long assignments, or danger, harsh environments, such as stamping, casting, heat treatment, welding, painting, plastic forming, such as simple mechanical processing and assembly process, It is an important symbol of the automation level of modern factories. Robot and machine vision technology combined, can complete more accurate assembly, welding, processing, handling and other work.


In logistics sorting operations, robot integration of machine vision technology through magnetic strip guidance, laser guidance, UHF RFID guidance, machine vision identification technology, can according to the variety of goods, material, weight and location to carry out rapid classification, find the path, to achieve loading and unloading, handling and other unmanned operation, Send the goods to the designated shelf or delivery platform, greatly shorten the delivery cycle, improve the service level.

Through the recognition and tracking of barcode and character code in storage, machine vision can form a one-to-one correspondence between raw material devices, finished products and packing boxes, so that modern production can be managed and traceable. For industrial production process management and device traceability, for food and beverage cross shipment prevention and safety traceability, auto parts traceability has a very important application significance. With the development of economic globalization, the competition in all walks of life is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to stand out in the manufacturing field, major manufacturers must constantly optimize and upgrade and seek innovation in technology and products. The new artificial intelligence "machine vision" is a good helper to help the manufacturing industry achieve "intelligent" transformation. At present, China is facing the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, which needs to invest a large number of industrial robots and other automation equipment. As the core technology of industrial robots, machine vision is bound to usher in a bright future.


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